Our Staff

“No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.” –Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

Our Staff and Advocates

Evett Ellis – Executive Director

Born and Raised in Arizona, Evett graduated from Arizona State University. Joined Support Within Reach Team January 2021.

Oversees the entire organization which spans across 6 different counties within Northwestern Minnesota ( Aitkin, Beltrami, Cass, Clearwater, Hubbard, and Itasca) also servicing ( Leech Lake, Bois Forte Band, Red lake, White Earth, and Mille Lacs) Tribal Communities.

My goal: Continue to bring awareness and Prevention Education while building partnerships and support that will help to reduce the impact and harm of sexual violence in the communities we serve.

Contact me Directly @ e.ellis@supportwithinreach.org for an opportunity to find ways you can make a difference.

Elizabeth Brown – County Supervisor

Sherry Shadley – County Supervisor

Sherry is responsible for supervising staff and programs in Itasca and Aitkin County.  She is based in the Grand Rapids, MN office. She has facilitated a number of prevention education collaborative projects with other community partners, served as agency leadership on sexual and domestic violence Community Coordinated Response teams, and, successfully organized a number of special events, such as sex trafficking community forums, topic-focused conferences, trauma-informed trainings for law enforcement and county prosecutors, candidate forums and Annual Fiesta Fundraiser.

Fun fact: Purple is one of my favorite colors, which is fitting since I share my birthday with Prince.

Mercy Webber – Cass County Coordinator; Advocate

Marcy has been with Support within Reach since May of 2017. She works in the Walker Office and is the Cass County Sexual Violence Services Coordinator. As in all outlying offices, Marcy does all client services in Cass County, which includes peer counseling and medical, law enforcement and prosecution advocacy. Marcy chairs a multidisciplinary team to help ensure victim centered responses in Cass County and she also gives presentations to schools and other community members.

Fun Fact: Marcy graduated from the University of Minnesota- St Paul and she has four grown children and three grandsons.

Fran Kingbird – Beltrami County Part-time SEY coordinator; Advocate

Angie Ness-Byer – Hubbard County Coordinator; Advocate

Ms. Angela Ness-Byer has been a long-time resident of the Park Rapids area and graduated from Park Rapids High School in 1990. She has diplomas in Sales and Management and Community Health, and several certifications related to the care and well-being of people. She came to Support Within Reach in December 2020 with significant experience in personal health coordination and domestic abuse advocacy.  She has work history in domestic violence and her outreach experience is now being put to use in her role as a Sexual Violence Advocate and Coordinator for Hubbard County.

Fun Fact: She loves pets as evidenced by her 3 Shih Tzu Dogs, an adopted rescue dog from the Dominican named Bravery, a recently adopted cat named Tigs, and the weekend babysitting of several of her Kids pets better known as “Gram’s Day Camp”.

Riley Irish – BSMART and Criminal Court Coordinator; Advocate

Riley has been with SWR since January, 2020 and works in the Bemidji office as the Criminal Court Advocate and the Coordinator of the Beltrami County Sexual Assault Multidisciplinary Action Response Team (BSMART). As this coordinator, he organizes and facilitates monthly meetings to over 20+ local organizations and agencies located throughout Beltrami County Riley provides our clients legal assistance, whether it’s filing for a Harassment Restraining Orders (HRO) or Order for Protection (OFP), preparing them for Court, attending Court Hearings with them, walking clients through the Criminal Court process, and being an advocate for our clients by helping them in any way he can.

Fun fact: I competed in Archery for 7 years and made it to Nationals 3 times.

Kortney Carlin – Outreach and Prevention Coordinator; Advocate

She has been with Support Within Reach since February, 2020 and works in the Bemidji office as the Outreach and Prevention Education coordinator. Kortney also is the Bemidji State and Northwest Technical College Advocate and work closely with the University, as well as the others in the area, to assist students who have a history of sexual assault before or while attending the school. She does presentations within the community to help raise awareness. Kortney also go to schools within Beltrami County to present to students of all ages to educate them on safe/unsafe touch and sexual violence. She also conducts the 40 Hour Mandated Advocate Training.

Fun Fact: I speak Spanish. I graduated from BSU with a BA in Spanish Language and culture.

Charlie McGregor – SEY and Criminal Court Coordinator; Advocate

Charlie has been with Support Within Reach since July, 2020 and works in the Grand Rapids office as the Court Advocate and Sexually Exploited Youth (SEY) Coordinator. They have previous experience helping both survivors and at-risk youth. When not assisting clients, Charlie works on CASE (Community Against Sexual Exploitation), a community-based group focused on raising awareness about the sexual exploitation of youth in Itasca county.

Fun Fact: I am obsessed with houseplants and dogs. I’m always ready to talk about houseplants and pet a dog.

Kori Nelson – Development and Outreach Coordinator; Advocate

Kori has been with Support Within Reach since April, 2021, after previously taking a break from advocacy and originally started in April of 2019. Through development and outreach, Kori develops fundraising campaigns, manages incoming donations, and provides basic outreach and Safe Bars training. Her main role as an advocate is to support victims and survivors of sexual violence through their healing journey for however long it takes. Kori maintains and recruits volunteers and interns for our Volunteer Program. She also conducts the 40 Hour Mandated Advocate Training.

Fun Fact: I love rats! I hate fish! My favorite color is purple!

Leah Laucamp – ICSAIC/SANE and Aitkin County Coordinator; Advocate

Leah has been working at Support Within Reach as the Itasca County Sexual Assault Interagency Council (ICSAIC) & Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Programs Coordinator since August, 2020. She also coordinates programs for Aitkin County and is a sexual assault victim advocate. As the ICSAIC coordinator she facilitates meetings, programs, and trainings for agencies that are involved in responding to victims of sexual violence. As the SANE program coordinator, Leah trains nurses on performing sexual assault exams, maintains supplies at hospitals, and makes sure hospitals are up to date on sexual assault response protocols. Leah has an education background in nursing.

Fun Fact: Leah loves road trips and has been to both US coasts and Mexico multiple times.

Katy Carpenter – Itasca County Advocate

Katy has worked with Support Within Reach in many positions over the years and is always willing to step in when needed.

Fun Fact: she enjoys hunting.

Support Systems Coordinator –

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Board Members

Marian Barcus

My interest in and dedication to Support Within Reach has deep roots.  When I was a young woman, coordinating the listening and crisis
service that eventually became First Call for Help, I collaborated with a group of Grand Rapids area women to create advocacy programs for
survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.  While I continued my social work education in graduate school and pursued a career in mental
health and social services, these two advocacy programs matured into robust nonprofit agencies, Advocates for Family Peace and… wait for it… Support Within Reach!  Now in retirement, I officially returned to close the loop as a Support Within Reach board member in 2016.

Jim Hodgson

Jim Hodgson serves at Oak Hills Fellowship as their Director of Church & Community Relations (www.oakhills.edu/church-ministries), helping ministry & community leaders to network in Northern MN. He’s one of the founding members of SWR’s HAASTE task force (Headwaters Alliance Against Sex Trafficking & Exploitation

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  • Paul Meyer
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